We have described in details the main stages of cooperation for convenience of the Client:

The first stage of work is contractual registration of the transaction (contract form) and working out a scheme of the cargo delivery.

The second stage is submission of the written demand for service. The application is submitted either by e-mail or by fax. (a demand form) Each demand is the document - a data carrier about freight and the list of the main and additional services which are ordered by the Client.

The completed form of order/inquiry is sent by fax or e-mail in the company office.

There is the demand for rendering services on-line that will significantly reduce time.

The third stage is delivery of the Client freight to a departure place (forwarding service is provided at the request of the Client), issuing the invoice and providing information on movement and freight arrival. The freight is given out to the Client or its representative when it is at the place of the destination.

The fourth stage is calculation. The Client needs to pay for the rendered services before the freight arrival in the point of destination. The freight isn't given if the service is unpaid.