About Company

Universal Cargo Terminal Ltd is a fast growing company in the Far East transport services’ market. For all the time of work it has proved to be the reliable partner. Highly skilled employees work in our company and fulfill all necessary transport services work in time.

Our reputation and experience allow us to work successfully in the market of freights. Our clients are large factories, the manufacturing plants, well known trading companies, and also private clients.

Schemes of routes are well worked out that allows you to save money. Our cargoes come always in time, because our professionals have developed the whole system of service.

A client can always receive information of the cargo’s location, or a route and an arrival time to the destination. Clients of the company can use the service "from a door to a door", and entrust us care of freight up to its delivery to a warehouse of the final recipient.

Universal Cargo Terminal Ltd knows the work of transport logistics and fulfill first-rate cargo transportation. Our clients have the real satisfaction from careful, decent service, and brilliant result!

Universal Cargo Terminal Ltd specializes on the following transportation:

  • Shipping
  • Railway transportation
  • Motor vehicle transportation
  • Avia transportation

Reasons to apply to us:

  • High reliability
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Long-term experience in area of cargo deliveries
  • Own resources and the developed regional network
  • Optimum ratio of the price and quality

We will be sincerely glad to see you among our Clients!