Company services

The transport forwarding company Universal Cargo Terminal Ltd offers the services in transportation of goods:

  • Shipping from Nakhodka to Magadan, Korsakov, Petropalvsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Multimodal container transportations;
  • Sending and cargo delivery accepting on railway.

Our priority service – multimodal transportations.

  • Our Full Cycle Logistics company work in the "delivery from a door to a door" format and we assume all complex of actions for freight movement:
  • Reception and preparation of freight for transportation;
  • Placement and freight fastening in the container or other transport;
  • Documentation registration at all stages of transportation;
  • Freight insurance;
  • Responsible storage of cargos;
  • Overload in points of change of the direction or a type of transport;
  • Freight forwarding.

Types of transport

For the organization of transportations we use shipping, railway transportations and motor vehicle transportations, and also – air transportation.

All these types of transport can be stages of multimodal transportations, as well as independent delivery systems of freights’ routes.

Logistic schemes

Dynamic style of our company work always demonstrates the efficiency and an individual approach to a client. Managers of our transport shipping company offer you an optimum route of freight and the most favorable transport and tell you time of delivery. Rational schemes of placement of freights are developed for each vehicle taking into account intermediate overloads and sequence of unloading. In all the time of transportation our logistic company UGT is responsible for safety of freight.

Distinctive feature of our style is full transparency of operations with freight, whether it be container transportations or other types of delivery. For this purpose the forwarding agent carries out regular exchange of information with the client who has possibility of monitoring of freight movement at all stages of transportation. Besides, transport logistic company provides the full report on delivery expenses, including all types of the executed operations.


Coasting transportations

Coasting transportations are carriages by water of freights which are carried out between seaports of the same country.

Calculation of the transportation’s cost depends on quantity of transported freight and distances between the cities. Transportations of freight is carried out in standard dry containers, refrigerator containers, flat-track containers, and also general freights.

The transport-forwarding company "UGT" professionally organizes delivery of your freight to Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan and to other ports where regular sea connections are provided.

Our company organizes kabotage transportation of combined cargoes in dry containers. All operations are carried out on own protected platform with access roads. Storage service in containers, special equipment, as well as bulky goods is provided. There is a covered warehouse with a total area of 300 sq.meter.

Multimodal container transportations

Multimodal container transportations are transportations of freight in the container by different types of transport: motor vehicles, railway, or shipping.

We organize delivery of freights from the countries of South East Asia in any point of Russia.

Thanks to widely developed network of regional offices, excellent partnership and accurate, harmonious work of our experts we provide the optimal price and route, the shortest time of transportation, combining all known types of transportations. We carefully supervise each stage of a transport chain that guarantees safety of your freight and observance of all conditions registered in the contract.

Transportation and delivery cargo by rail transport

Loading and unloading of cargoes in freight trains (special equipment, the general of freight, the equipment, timber and another) takes place at the freight railway complex located in Nakhodka city. The company has access roads with the entrance capacity for 32 vehicles.